Wednesday, December 8, 2010

cozy on up

Winter has most certainly arrived in Boston. Pink cheeked pedestrians hurry to get indoors and out of chilling temperatures. Out come hats, and scarves, gloves, and mittens. Piles of shriveled leaves line the icy curbs, clinging to the last of autumn. Night time flurries mock us students waiting anxiously for the first true snowfall.

The winter is my favorite. Not because of the holidays, though they are lovely too, but because of the snow. I grew up in the snow. Maine winters are notoriously frigid. My mother would bundle me up in as many layers she could manage, and scoot me out the front door with strict instructions not to come in until supper was ready. I made snow angels, and snow forts. I made tracks for my sled, and explored our eleven acre property.

Winter isn't as peaceful, graceful, or picturesque in the city. The silvery fluff turns quickly into ugly brown mush littered with old newspapers, to-go cups, and candy bar wrappers. The snow just isn't as glamorous. But, my mother taught me well. Now that the temperature has dropped, I bundle up with some of my favorite garments. I don't know who said that wearing white after labor day was a bad idea. I love combining beige, cream, brown, and black for my winter looks. Recently, I bought a beautiful 60s vintage wool cape that I am completely in love with.  
This is my actual cape. It is a one-of-a-kind Etsy treasure from Little Orphan Fannie. Click on this link to visit her Etsy vintage shop! I love these fur ear muffs from Bloomingdale's. They look so cozy, and I need several pairs. I am also currently obsessing over huge cowl neck scarves, like this cable knit one from Topshop. What is your favorite winter accessory?

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  1. winter in montreal/toronto is equally unglamarous!! I adore your new cape though - im sure it will make everything glow a little brighter!




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