Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a little trip home

The city during the summer becomes a muggy, mushy, and simply uninviting sauna of full to the brim with tacky tourists and frustrated locals. I needed to get out. The hottest week the city has seen in over 50 years happily coinscided with my weekend off. I jumped at the chance to hop on the Downeaster, and visit my parents in Maine. Upon my arrival, lunch time, a craving for seaside dining and fried fish beckoned us to Shaw's Wharf, in New Harbor. I got my childhood classic; fried haddock dinner. With every buttery bite, nostalgia for my hometown grew. 

My travel outfit is a mix of borrowed (thanks, Gracie!) and the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. Perhaps not the smartest choice for swabbing the deck... My mom insisted that I take a photo in the lobster head, despite the roll of my eyes. She reminisced about my first trip to the wharf. Apparently, my infant self was toted around all day in a baby backpack. Those were the days... 

When we arrived at my parents place, the coastal weather cooled my hurried Boston thoughts and I spent the afternoon relaxing on my screen porch drinking ice tea and catching up with Sage, my best childhood friend. My mom's garden's looked stunning and I ran around the backyard (11 acres!) and snapped some shots. She had so much beautiful and fragrant lavender! Of course I'm partial to those photos...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hello, again!

What a whirl wind life has been the past couple of months!

First of all, apologies that I haven't updated in quite sometime. The end of semester was absolutely insane, and all of my time and energy went into acing my finals and singing well on my jury (both of which went very well!). Summer is in full swing, and I'm finally getting into some sort of a rhythm with working full time and spending as much time outside as possible. I'M BACK!

Here's a little taste of what summer has been like for me... Regular posts have returned.

And besides, who wants to be in front of a computer when summer weather beckons?


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