Tuesday, January 25, 2011

time away

It has been so crazy this past week. School is in session and this semester is not going to be a walk in the park. I haven't had time to shoot more photos, but this later this week or weekend I'll be sure to find time for some lovely ones.

Photo cred. to Adam Augustine, another wonderful friend.

The other day when I was thrifting, Molly found this tiny sailboat in the pocket of a trench coat at Goodwill. I loved it so much, she let me keep it. It is so special. I think there is some weird lint in this picture too, lolz.

Monday, January 17, 2011


Boston's Back Bay has some lovely little neighborhood gems. Last summer when I was wondering around the city I walked past this abandoned conviance store. Burbank Street, is actually only a few blocks away from my apartment and I had no idea these boarded up and collaged windows were there. I knew I wanted to use these windows in some sort of photo project. When I was thinking where to shoot this outfit, I imagined my dainty sweater and delicate lace collar would contrast nicely with the faded and dirty mess of outdated posters and graffiti. 
This is the new sweater that I picked up from Goodwill last week and I am in love with it! It is so snuggly and warm and goes with everything. The blue and white striped blouse is from 40 South Street, a small vintage shop in Jamaica Plain. The small brooch is also vintage. Those old black pants are from Marshalls, I think. 

School starts again on Wednesday. I'm ready for some structure in my life, that's for sure. I have some Schubert and Mozart I'm working on for my first lesson and I can't wait to see all of my voice class together again.

My lovely roommate/best friend Erin made some amazing brownies last night. Is it bad to have one for breakfast? ;)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Yippee! I've won an award! Mairead Clabby Fashion has chosen my little blog for the "Best Blog of the Week" award! She wrote a very flattering summary of my latest outfit and even praised my writing. I'm so flattered. Take a look at her own blog for the most up to date trends and awesome style information.

To read the post about Lavender & Lace Vintage, click here. Thank you to my few new followers, I'm glad I'm doing something right! :)

I had to work all weekend, and I haven't had time for another shoot, but hopefully will bring good weather and outfit inspiration!

Friday, January 14, 2011


That blizzard was so entrancing. The snow swirled outside my 4th story window all day on Wednesday, as I watched with a cup of tea in hand. I did nothing but bake cookies, and lounge around finishing my latest Tudor biography (I'm in a bit of an obsession with that English era, lately). Though yesterday, once the road had been cleared and the sky turned back to its lovely shade of blue, I headed out of my tiny apartment and back into the real world. My good friend Molly had never ventured to the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, so I offered to give her a little tour and hopefully grab some great thrifted items from a few choice shops down that way.  Before we caught the 39 bus down Huntington, Molly and I stopped to snap a few shots of my bright outfit against the new and clean white snow.

These are some of my favorite pieces. Until recently, I really thought that mustard yellow just didn't look right on me, but when I dyed my hair dark brown (no, that isn't my natural color!!), I finally decided that my J Crew blouse actually looked good. The cardigan came from a thrift store in my hometown years ago and has no tag. The red belt and floral skirt came from a Goodwill in Maine, and those tights are probably from Urban Outfitters. I bought that Fossil watch last semester when I was trying to get through finals in one piece, and it really cheered me up!

I found some lovely vintage treasures in Jamaica Plain! A 40s plaid hatbox, a few rose China cups and vases, a bamboo cutting board, a gold painted mirror, and yellowish ottoman, a vintage white knit sweater and a men's sateen shirt I am using for a project all for under $80. I did well, I must say. The swanky shops on Newbury have nothing on Boston's best neighborhood finds! Where are some of your favorite places to thrift/shop vintage?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

cakes in a cup

Boston has welcomed me back with hat stealing gusts of wind and temperatures that make a northern New England native shudder with a glance at the thermometer. Or, at least that's what I did this morning. None the less, I decided that this afternoon was a good time for a long walk around Kenmore Square. It was a really horrible idea. Even though I bundled up with my favorite tartan scarf and black leather gloves, I still froze. On my way back from that stupidly planned and downright frigid walk, I stopped in at a little Boston-based cupcake bakery (shop? store? parlor?) called "Sweet" to take a look around.

I have a pretty large sweet tooth. It is bigger than all the other teeth and always gets its way. Though, as a broke student only eye candy had to suffice. They were very photogenic!

Don't they look so adorable? No other pastry has as much style as these little ones. Yum!

Also, apparently there is going to be another blizzard tomorrow. The coffee shop is even going to be closed in anticipation of the suspected 12" of the white powdery stuff. Perhaps a good day to try out some of my own cupcake recipes?

Thursday, January 6, 2011

furs fur everyone

Today, I became restless. Too much vacation. I was tired of sitting in the house all afternoon on my favorite couch by the fireplace, with a new book, and a cup of tea. Though both of my parents were either working or out running errands and I was car-less, so I had no choice but to wait until my mother got home and agreed a trip to the thrift shop was in order. My little town has the queerest little thrift shop. Retired women who volunteer bustle around gossiping, clucking like little hens arranging their eggs. It's a funny shop. Mostly overpriced "antiques" that really should be thrown into a Goodwill and marked with a $5 tag. Whenever I picked up an item and put it gently back down in it's place, a white haired grandma type would shoo me away to organize everything again. 


I did find a couple of items that I'm rather proud of. First, a fur shoulder piece with purple silk lining. The second purchase was a small change purse with painted leather and an old brass clasp. (By the way, this outfit is entirely thrifted/vintage other than the tights (LLBean), cardigan (UO), and leotard (Capezio)! Whoa. I never do that lolz.)

After the thrill of thrifting, my mother and I drove to the near by town and popped into one of her favorite galleries for a look around. The Tidemark Gallery sits on a hill off of US Route 1/Main Street in Waldoboro, Maine. (Where I took the style shots above!) It showcases local Maine artists in a variety of different mediums. I couldn't help but snag a few shots. 

I'm heading back to Boston tomorrow to work at the coffee shop and get things organized for next semester. Good-bye, Maine! I will miss you.

all photos are taken by me and belong to me. the featured art is not mine and can be found by clicking the link above.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

a winter wonderland

The Balsams Grand Hotel & Resort c. 1918
Finally, the holidays have come to a close and 2011 has arrived bearing optimistic thoughts of wistful accomplishments for the coming year. Though in lieu of looking into the future, my family and I delved into the past with a vintage Christmas at one of New England's oldest and most famous grand hotels.

Tucked away in the northern New Hampshire mountains, The Balsams was first opened just after the Civil War in 1865. The summer inn, then called the Dix House because it was situated in Dixville Notch, boasted 25 rooms. It was later purchased by a wealthy developer from Philadelphia in 1895, when he renamed the inn The Balsams. Steadily, the inn was expanded and enhanced to house 400 guests, as it does today. Originally opened as a summer destination, the chilling beauty of New Hampshire's "winter wonderland" mountain scape, and sea of pine trees attracted guests from all over the nation to experience a breath-takingly beautiful and truly relaxing respite.
In the 20s- Vintage flare with only a few  modern additions

It is Christmas eve. The hotel has not lost it's vintage spirit amongst the decorative garland and twinkling lights and red poinsettias. Uniformed bellmen shuffles our luggage up to the 3rd and 4th floors and to our rooms while my parents check in, and I wander around the lobby. I'm surrounded by comfortable arm chairs and several roaring fireplaces, scattered around collections of bookshelves and letter desks. It looks more as though I've entered the home of some wealthy relative, and they have lead me into their cozy study rather than a giant hotel. Vintage magazine ads with pink cheeked skiers in bright red hats, photographs of 1920s summer wedding parties outside on the lawn, and antique photos panoramic views of the small pond and majestic hotel are displayed on the walls. There are families working on a puzzle of the Boston harbor. An older couple sits silently drinking cocktails by the fireplace enjoying the soft hum of guests exploring the length of the building. I find the activities list and note that hors d'oeuvres are going to be served soon. I cannot wait to eat the four star dinners complete with 5 courses and people in tall chef hats walking around the dining room.

My family hardly ever sits still and lounges during a vacation. There is usually some sort of athletic activity required each day before any member is deserving of their dinner. The Balsams owns their very own alpine skiing mountain, the Wilderness. It is no Sugarloaf, or Jay Peak, but there are no lines, the trails are wide and well groomed and the glades are plentiful. My mother, an avid cross-country skier takes advantage of the many trails that weave around the grounds of the resort and through the surrounding forests.
All photos are property of The Balsams Grand Resort & Hotel
During my evenings at The Balsams, post-skiing, I wandered through the library, the pool hall, and all the sitting rooms of the hotel searching the faces in photos of happy guests who frequented the Balsams decades and decades ago. Mostly, the walls were lined with giggling couples, newly weds, of course. My favorite photo was of these two lovely people. There was no caption under the framed photo, and I can only hypothesize to which year it was taken. I suppose it was taken in the late 1920s. There are so many things that I love about this photo. The vintage love that I am, couldn't help but feel inspired by her chunky heeled, two toned Mary-Jane's, or the asymmetry of her floral patterned dress. I wish all men would wear striped pants! How classy, especially with the slightly rolled leg. His hat, well, let's just say I have a thing for men in hats. I'm sure they had a lovely honeymoon. They looked fantastic!

Pretend you are going on your winter get-away! (with added florals for a hint of seasons to come...)
Mary-Janes: Barney's, Lip stick: Chanel, in Emotive, 
Shift dress: Top Shop


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