Tuesday, July 26, 2011

a little trip home

The city during the summer becomes a muggy, mushy, and simply uninviting sauna of full to the brim with tacky tourists and frustrated locals. I needed to get out. The hottest week the city has seen in over 50 years happily coinscided with my weekend off. I jumped at the chance to hop on the Downeaster, and visit my parents in Maine. Upon my arrival, lunch time, a craving for seaside dining and fried fish beckoned us to Shaw's Wharf, in New Harbor. I got my childhood classic; fried haddock dinner. With every buttery bite, nostalgia for my hometown grew. 

My travel outfit is a mix of borrowed (thanks, Gracie!) and the sale rack at Urban Outfitters. Perhaps not the smartest choice for swabbing the deck... My mom insisted that I take a photo in the lobster head, despite the roll of my eyes. She reminisced about my first trip to the wharf. Apparently, my infant self was toted around all day in a baby backpack. Those were the days... 

When we arrived at my parents place, the coastal weather cooled my hurried Boston thoughts and I spent the afternoon relaxing on my screen porch drinking ice tea and catching up with Sage, my best childhood friend. My mom's garden's looked stunning and I ran around the backyard (11 acres!) and snapped some shots. She had so much beautiful and fragrant lavender! Of course I'm partial to those photos...

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  1. looks like a lovely trip home; gorgeous photos!



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