Tuesday, April 12, 2011

sans color

It is finally spring! I can wear little flats and not die from the frigid bitter cold! Yippie! Sadly, the start of warm (OK, above 40 degree temps) usually signifies the beginning of baseball season and one crowded Fenway area. Needless to say, this past weekend (the opener) was a crazy time to be running around my neighborhood, but what the hell. It was gorgeous! The photos this week are not the best stylistically. The sun kept dipping behind the clouds, making the light impossible to maintain! UGH.

This little vintage jacket is one of my favorite new pieces. I bought it at one of my most treasured vintage clothing stores in Jamaica Plain, 40 South Street, last fall when my mother was visiting. It is an awkward piece to wear sometimes, I fear. The structure and line of the jacket usually require a "three piece outfit" to be broken up but a few accessories or else I tend to look too androgenous and less like my girly self. The cords are from J Crew, the Jeffery Campbell flats are from Goodwill (!!) and the top is most likely from UO.

Also, I bought a beautiful new bike today. I'm super excited about it and will post soon! Have a wonderful week!


  1. ooh, SO love that beautiful jacket! It's so perfectly paired with the skinnies & gorg ballet flats. And thank goodness, for being able to wear flats again. You look lovely! xx veronika

  2. Gorgeous outfit! It reminds me of Hepburn, with the cropped cigarette jeans. Yay for spring! I am really into vintage jackets at the moment too. I'm excited to see your bicycle!

  3. you look so pretty
    that outfit is wicked. especially love that jacket. Love the powershoulder look its got.
    The jacket deffinetly does the talking in this outfit

  4. yay for spring right? :) (though FL is always with that weather, well, more like summer ha) I love finding pretty vintage numbers like your jacket! you look gorgeous :)

  5. Hey lady,
    I would love to see you at the Blogger Mixer and Fashion Exchange, If you're around next week.


  6. super cute outfit; i love dressing up vintage finds. :)

    and a new bike....how exciting!



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