Tuesday, April 5, 2011


The looming, disconcerting, and simply uninviting Boston weather kept me indoors this afternoon. After a short jaunt to Jamaica Plain to my favorite kitchen store Kitchen Witch with my darling friend Leia, I settled back into my apartment to try out my new stock pot with a new recipe. While waiting for my load of laundry to tumble-dry and my chicken stock to simmer, I grabbed my Nikon and snapped some some photos of the collection of dearly loved trinkets that cluster around my apartment. 

My mother is Swedish and was sure to send me off to school with little reminders of my heritage; Tomtes (Swedish elves) and a Carl Larsson tin! Aren't they precious? Also before moving back to Boston for the school year, I had this urge to make a boatload of paper flowers to decorate my room. You know, those ones you made in 3rd grade for May day, or whatever. I ended up buying an obscene amount of colored tissue paper by mistake...Geez.

What are some of your favorite treasures? I love my collection of vintage saucers. I have them in so many colors! A post on those is soon to come... Have a fabulous week!


  1. Your apartment looks so cute! I also love vintagey things, and my dad is Swedish! (I'm adopted).

    I love my collection of vintage dishes and linens...so much gorgeous stuff.

  2. Ohh I love your trinkets, they are adorable! It's so cool that you come from Swedish heritage!

  3. so love your trinkets...your place loos so funky!

  4. Swedish knick-knacks are definitely cute. My dad used to have a colleague in Sweden who came to visit a few times, and he always brought us those brightly-painted Swedish wooden horses. I'm sure that Swedes consider them completely touristy, but I think they're absolutely charming!

  5. oh, I love this shots! you can't stop looking because there are so many lovely little things to find :) thank you for you sweet comment, I'm very happy to find your blog, too -It's such a wonderful place!!

  6. love your girly trinkets! especially your Motroyshka doll! xo~

  7. This post is the cutest! I love these "ambience" posts, and I always love to see the pretty treasures people have in their houses/rooms. Yours are so pretty, and your little Tomtes are so cute! That's awesome your mom is Swedish- have you ever visited there? x

    (PS The weather in NYC has been *horrid* these days, too. Where is the Spring?!)

  8. beautiful pictures!!! they make me feel so happy to be a girl haha. or just to be feminine, i guess. i'm sure there are guys that would like these too.

    anyway! trinkets are the shit. i don't think i have so many pretty, small things.

  9. ooh the Tomtes, are absolutely precious. My fave treasures? Definitely my antique china from Europe, it belonged to my husband's great grandparents. Happy almost weekend. xx veronika

  10. oh man! your trinkets are so amazing! i dont have anything this precious in my apartment!


  11. I love my necklaces and rings, they're my treasures!

  12. Antique vintage shopping for little trinkets is THE perfect way to spend an afternoon...I'm always in search of beautiful estate jewelry...something I know I'll keep forever! What fun images...love this collection :D Happy Weekend hun!


    Haute Khuuture Blog

  13. this is so cool, that you're able to decorate with real vintage-y stuff from your mom and your history. beautiful!




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