Friday, February 4, 2011

hotel back bay

Finally! An outfit post. And after this week of apocalyptic weather conditions and a practically empty refrigerator I have finally ventured out to take some outfit photos. I really wanted to take document this blizzard against my poses, but the city has dirtied up the pristine white snow and has transformed fluffy piles into mud colored boulders piled street side.

This green door is pretty great, though. It's on Symphony Road, an apartment building that used to be an old hotel. This garage door was it's valet entrance, I'm assuming. The building still has it's old fashioned bulb-ed awning/overhang where fancy couples used to enter as a young door man greeted them to Back Bay, Boston.

The dress I'm wearing is one of my favorite Newbury Street finds from a few years ago at Soodee, a small women's boutique. I love the little Dutch couples dancing across the fabric! It's such a unique print! My blazer is a deal I scored at Madewell, and my boots are from Lucky. The fur is vintage (You might recognize it from my post last month!), and like always, I'm sporting my white ceramic Fossil watch.


  1. oh that collar! so lovely.xx

  2. love the blazer with the fur collar! so adorable.

  3. i love this dress! you look beautiful!


  4. Very pretty, especially with the vintage collar. : ) I also like your wanders around the city, as above.. I love exploring new places vicariously through blogs!

  5. Awesome dress! The print is so different than anything else I've ever seen and the the color is beautiful too



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