Tuesday, February 1, 2011

wishing for fruhlingsglaube

So this week I have been a complete fail and haven't been taking outfit photos because school and working at Pavement have made me a recluse exclusive to work and school. I WILL do an outfit post this week in the beautiful blizzard that is now upon us Boston residence yet again. Today, we get 20 inches. The conservatory has decided to close at noon, so I have the rest of the afternoon to drink tea, start a new knitting project, and make cookies with my good friend Leia.

One of the pieces I'm singing this semester is a Schubert lied called "Fruhlingsglaube". I love Schubert art song and this piece has such a beautifully delicate line and an accompaniment that embodies the yearning I feel around this time of year for green grass, blue skies, and an abundance of yellow sunshine. This year in the conservatory is a year full of change. The shine has worn off that was once so bright during the first year, and voices are still too young to take on full roles. It's a time to refine technique and establish yourself as an important part of the conservatory's vocal department. This lied encompasses all that is my second year.

This piece, sung by German mezzo soprano Christa Ludwig is one of my favorite versions. Her sound is so full and warm, but tender and sweet. Simply gorgeous.

Frühlingsglaube (Spring faith)
Text by Johann Ludwig Uhland (1787-1862)
Set by (Jakob Ludwig) Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (1809-1847), op. 9, # 8; Franz Peter Schubert
(1797-1828), D. 686

The gentle breezes are awakened,
they whisper and stir day and night,
they create to all ends.
(and penetrate everywhere.)

Oh fresh scent, oh new sound!
Now, poor heart, be not afraid.
Now must it all, all change.
The world grows fairer with each day,

one knows not, what still to-come may,
(one does not know, what is still to come,)
the flowering will not cease;

there blooms the most-distant, deepest valley
(the farthest, deepest valley blooms)
now, poor heart, forget your torment!

Now must it all, all change.
(Literal translation and IPA transcription © 2008 by Bard Suverkrop—IPA Source, LLC)

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  1. hope school is going ok now? good luck with it:) I'm done with exams.. on to the next one:p and I heard about the blizzard.. can't wait to see outfit pictures:)



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